Sunday, 5 October 2014

It’s never too late to start all over, have hope

Sometimes we wonder whether our life is a joke. We wonder whether we have missed the last train or plane.  We sometimes feel that the future we desire is unattainable so we lose hope. There shall be no buts in our lives. “Be Rest Assured” that God will grant you success.
It is never too late to start life all over again - you are never too old or too late to start off from where you left off. You might have started out late in life or failed to achieve your desired goals or dreams; you might have given up believing that you will no longer be able to catch up with others, I want you to know that whilst your beginning might have been small, your later end will be great. You will wax stronger and your rising shall be awesome.
I want you to know that God will surpass your expectations.  He will surely “out do” your expectations and those of others. With God there is new hope, new life and new purpose. With God every new day brings fresh expectations.
 All things shall be perfected in our lives. Your life will not wither away like the leaf that has been cut off from its tree, everything you lay your hands upon shall prosper. You must fight for your destiny. You must fight for your dreams that God has placed inside of you. Do not give up easily. You will become a distinguished man/woman in your community.

Sunday, 1 January 2012

Forgetting the failures of the past and moving forward to a higher call

May this year bring us joy, laughter, happiness, contentment, peace, God’s favour and uncountable blessings.

You must look forward and forget what has lain behind you, let God free you from the shackles of the past. Lay aside every weight and sin that makes you stumble and look to the past and run with endurance the race that God has called you to. Break the chains of shame, guilt and condemnation from your life as God does not hold you to ransom on account of your past. Isaiah 1: 18 (NKJV)

Philippians 3:13 says ….but one thing I do [it is my one aspiration]: forgetting what lies behind and straining forward to what lies ahead…

Thursday, 8 January 2009

Hearing God’s Voice This Year!

Do you hear God’s voice when He speaks to you? It is crucial that you hear Him when He speaks this year. When God speaks His words become active, operative and effective. A word from God is all it takes to move mountains as He speaks with a purpose. God does not have to speak too many words before they are backed by power and force.

God will not keep silent until your light shines before men to see. He expects you to converse with Him for direction, guidance and instructions on matters affecting your life.

To live a victorious life you need to hear God’s eternal wisdom speak to you. You need God’s knowledge and understanding to achieve your life’s purpose. Human intelligence is not sufficient for the long journey you have ahead of you as you will need something extra to make you stand out above the crowd and to bring you to the notice of great achievers.

You may have to incline your ear away from the many distractions facing you on a minute by minute basis if you truly want to have a personal relationship with Him. You must be willing to commit yourself to God as He will not have it any other way.

Sunday, 14 September 2008

What's Your Dream?

In Jeremiah 29:11, God states that He knows the plans that He has for us, which is to give us a future and an expected end. When you spend time in God’s presence He will reveal all that He has in store for you. When you love God genuinely He will give you what no eye has seen nor ear has heard,

Has God given you a dream which is scary, unimaginable and unbelievable, I want you to know that He has placed all the resources on this earth needed to fulfil it at your disposal. He expects you to rise up to achieve your dreams. Are you dreaming of flying a plane; writing a book; setting up a business or going to the university; fulfil your dream by believing that He will make it happen for you.

Thursday, 6 March 2008

What Have YOu Been Doing These Last Two Months

What have you achieved so far this year? are you moving closer to accomplishing your purpose or are you still procrastinating! You know that God has ordained you to conquer the world, are you really doing that!

What you have started doing will impact on where you want to reach tomorrow.

If you have not got going, it's never too late to start today...

It's never too late to start doing what you had resolved to do at the closing minutes of last year.

You have been ordained to accomplish purpose so get up and take that necessary action.

Saturday, 29 December 2007

Your Election Is sure

Your election and calling is sure.

God knew you before the very foundations of the world and just like Jeremiah, He anointed and sanctified you to become all that He purposed for you to become.

Your election is sure, never doubt His word, go out and accomplish all that God has in store for you.

Don't allow the devil to deceive you or make you doubt your election!